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    With copywriting and journalism experience, I bring the powerful element of storytelling to my B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Commerical) copywriting clients. Specializing in public relations and marketing writing, I'm a competent professional who takes complex issues and simplifies them to help audiences connect and businesses to increase profits.
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    As a nationally and regionally published writer and business professional, I take the image of my clients very seriously. My detail oriented, professional nature ensures that each project is delivered to reflect the client's authentic voice. In an age where your company's online presence is quickly replacing a store front, you need a competent writer to convey your message.
  • Authentic

    I work as a copywriter because I genuinely care about my clients and their companies. I love working with entrepreneurs because they all have a story to tell about why they love what they do. Helping clients find their story and conveying it to their audience is a privilege I don't take for granted.


  • I needed a professional copywriter for our website content. Lindsay was eager to listen to what I needed and easy to talk to. Her years of experience were also a selling point. Lindsay was friendly, professional, and always responded to phone calls and e-mails in a timely manner. The cost was reasonable and she was so easy to work with. I feel our website is very informative and easy to read. Lindsay worked with my web designer who was very positive about the experience and also pleased with the end results. I think anyone who is promoting their business on the web, writing articles, etc. should consult Lindsay to give them a professional edge.
    Sherri Marlo, President of Bulldog Drilling
  • I can’t imagine running my business without the help of Lindsay Tallman!  I sought her out to help me create content for my website and she far exceeded my expectations on that project as well as several more since then. It has been an absolute pleasure for me to work with her from the very beginning because she takes a partnership approach to her work. We immediately connected. She immersed herself into the writing completely, and truly became an extension of myself and my business. As a result she always produces an end product that is professionally written with a wonderful personal touch! I trust her with everything I give her and am always pleased that the end result is even better than I had ever hoped despite the fact that I’m often giving her minimal direction and assistance throughout the process. As a business owner it is so refreshing to know that I can turn my needs over to her and trust that the job will get done with the highest degree of quality, professionalism, and timeliness. As I said, I can’t imagine running my business without her and hope that I never have to figure out how to do so!
    Wendy Symer, President of WLS Consulting
  • Lindsay has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I am a finance person so I like numbers. I am terrible at writing. I write articles that we send out in our company e-newsletter and publish on Facebook, LinkedIn, and our website. My friends are always complementing me and asking if I really wrote that. Of course I did, well I wrote the rough draft, but Lindsay’s talent is making what I write say what I wanted it to say and she does a fantastic job! Lindsay also took over our monthly social media marketing and consistently makes posts on our website, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Recently a marketing company was reviewing how my company showed up when google searched. I am happy to report that we consistently showed up on the first page for what was googled. This is a direct result of Lindsay’s work and expertise at inserting the correct SEO words in our marketing materials. Lindsay is very efficient and timely with her work and gets things done with minimal direction from me. You won’t regret working with her!
    Terry Lammers, President of Innovative Business Advisors
  • Hiring & working with Lindsay Tallman has been an incredible experience. She has done some editing for me and just recently built a website for my business. Lindsay did an amazing job listening to what I envisioned and was able to produce what I wanted perfectly. She went to work and created a beautiful tool to share with my clients. It was the most pleasant experience as it has been effortless on my part because she is talented at what she does. I trust her completely and look forward to working with her more.
    Beth Baughan, Founder of Fitness in Motion
  • Lindsay is a gifted writer who takes complex issues and synthesizes them turning out beautiful prose on a variety of subjects for a variety of clients in an efficient manner. Couple that with her winning personality and professional demeanor and you have a perfect combination of talent that produces desired results every time! I cannot recommend Lindsay highly enough. I wish she would move back to NJ so I could have her back on my team!!!
    Debbie Hart, CAE, APR, President and CEO and Founder
  • As New Jersey's Commerce Secretary I had a number of public information professionals working for me. I also worked with the press office of Governor Whitman and other senior government officials. I must tell you that your press release was as good as any I have seen.
    Gil Medina, Former NJ Commerce Secretary

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